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A Million

Directed , Screenplay by Jo Min-ho
35mm, Panoramic (1.85)
Adventure, Thriller
Opening Date : Aug 06, 2009


Park Hae-il As Han Gi-tae
Park Hee-soon As Director Jang
Sin Min-ah As Jo Yoo-jin
Lee Min-ki As Park Cheol-hee
Jeong Yu-mi As Kim Ji-eun
Lee Cheon-hee As Choi Wook-hwan
Ko Eun-ah AS Lee Bo-yeong
Jeong Seok-yong AS Driver Seo
Kim Hak-seon AS Ha Seung-ho
Yoo Na-mi AS Hong Soo-yeon
Choi Myeong-su
Kang Wang-soo
Sin Dong-mi
Lee Eun-woo
Kim Joon-bae

Take Off

Comedy, Drama, Sports
Directed & Screenplay by Kim Yong-hwa
Cast : Ha Jeong-woo As Bob/Cha Heon-tae
Seong Dong-il As Coach Bang
Kim Ji-seok As Kang Chil-goo
Kim Dong-uk As Choi Heung-cheol
Choi Jae-hwan As Ma Jae-bok
Lee Jae-eung As Kang Bong-goo

Opening Date : Jul 29, 2009


In 1996 a small Korean town is undergoing a large-scale construction in preparation for Winter Olympics bid. In the middle of the construction, the local committee receives a report that they do not have sufficient athletes to compete. they conclude to form a ski jump team in order to represent the event. Former American Junior alpine athlete Bob is an adoptee who came to Korea in search of his mother. With 4 other non-experienced athletes, he form the first Korean ski jump team. there’s no turning back, it’s a challenge they committed to.

Extended Cast

Eun-seong as Bong Soo-yeon, Coach Bang's daughter
Lee Han-wi as President Ma
Lee Hye-sook as Bob's birth mother
Kim Ji-yeong as Bong-goo's grandma
Hyeon Junie as Wang Soon-deok, girl from riverside
Hwang Ha-na as Bob's younger sister, Ji-eun
Lee Seol-ah as Hye-ra
Jo Seok-hyeon as Worker at Office of Military Manpower Administration
Jeong Mi-seong as Flea market reporter
Jo Jae-yoon as Adoption agency worker 1
Woo Kyeong-jin as Adoption agency worker 2
Kang Je-gyu as Airplane passenger
Shim Yeong as Pharmacist 1
Eom Ji-yong as Taxi driver
Yang Seung-geol as Head of construction
Jang Jae-yong as Multilevel marketing lecturer
Lee Se-rang as Woman from riverside 1
Kim Yoon-jeong as Woman from riverside 2
Baek Ok-hwa as Woman from riverside 3
Choo Min-yeong as Female secretary
Seo Min-i as 3-year-old Ji-eun
Park Seong-taek as Japan caster
Jeong Jong-yeol as Japan commentator
Do Seung-hwi as Nakano progress worker
Go Dae-seok as Nakano progress worker
Cheon Joo-yeong as Nakano progress worker
Jeon Seong-bin as Nakano progress worker

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