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A Million

Directed , Screenplay by Jo Min-ho
35mm, Panoramic (1.85)
Adventure, Thriller
Opening Date : Aug 06, 2009


Park Hae-il As Han Gi-tae
Park Hee-soon As Director Jang
Sin Min-ah As Jo Yoo-jin
Lee Min-ki As Park Cheol-hee
Jeong Yu-mi As Kim Ji-eun
Lee Cheon-hee As Choi Wook-hwan
Ko Eun-ah AS Lee Bo-yeong
Jeong Seok-yong AS Driver Seo
Kim Hak-seon AS Ha Seung-ho
Yoo Na-mi AS Hong Soo-yeon
Choi Myeong-su
Kang Wang-soo
Sin Dong-mi
Lee Eun-woo
Kim Joon-bae

Take Off

Comedy, Drama, Sports
Directed & Screenplay by Kim Yong-hwa
Cast : Ha Jeong-woo As Bob/Cha Heon-tae
Seong Dong-il As Coach Bang
Kim Ji-seok As Kang Chil-goo
Kim Dong-uk As Choi Heung-cheol
Choi Jae-hwan As Ma Jae-bok
Lee Jae-eung As Kang Bong-goo

Opening Date : Jul 29, 2009


In 1996 a small Korean town is undergoing a large-scale construction in preparation for Winter Olympics bid. In the middle of the construction, the local committee receives a report that they do not have sufficient athletes to compete. they conclude to form a ski jump team in order to represent the event. Former American Junior alpine athlete Bob is an adoptee who came to Korea in search of his mother. With 4 other non-experienced athletes, he form the first Korean ski jump team. there’s no turning back, it’s a challenge they committed to.

Extended Cast

Eun-seong as Bong Soo-yeon, Coach Bang's daughter
Lee Han-wi as President Ma
Lee Hye-sook as Bob's birth mother
Kim Ji-yeong as Bong-goo's grandma
Hyeon Junie as Wang Soon-deok, girl from riverside
Hwang Ha-na as Bob's younger sister, Ji-eun
Lee Seol-ah as Hye-ra
Jo Seok-hyeon as Worker at Office of Military Manpower Administration
Jeong Mi-seong as Flea market reporter
Jo Jae-yoon as Adoption agency worker 1
Woo Kyeong-jin as Adoption agency worker 2
Kang Je-gyu as Airplane passenger
Shim Yeong as Pharmacist 1
Eom Ji-yong as Taxi driver
Yang Seung-geol as Head of construction
Jang Jae-yong as Multilevel marketing lecturer
Lee Se-rang as Woman from riverside 1
Kim Yoon-jeong as Woman from riverside 2
Baek Ok-hwa as Woman from riverside 3
Choo Min-yeong as Female secretary
Seo Min-i as 3-year-old Ji-eun
Park Seong-taek as Japan caster
Jeong Jong-yeol as Japan commentator
Do Seung-hwi as Nakano progress worker
Go Dae-seok as Nakano progress worker
Cheon Joo-yeong as Nakano progress worker
Jeon Seong-bin as Nakano progress worker


Directed by Yoon Je-kyoon
Adventure, Natural Disaster, Drama, Science-Fiction
Opening Date : Jul 23, 2009


Seol Kyeong-gu As Choi Man-sik
Ha Ji-won As Kang Yeon-hee
Park Joong-hoon As Kim Hwi
Uhm Jung-hwa As Lee Yoo-jin
Lee Min-ki As Choi Hyeong-sik
Kang Ye-won As Kim Hee-mi
Kim In-kwon As Oh Dong-choon
Song Jae-ho
Park Myeong-hoon As Emergency room intern
Bae Yeong-woo As Intern
Kim Yoo-jeong
Kim Ji-yeong


Lee Dae-ho
Heo Goo-yeon


Located on the southeast tip of the Korean peninsula is the international city of Busan. A popular vacation spot on the East Sea coast, Haeundae draws one million visitors to its beaches every year. Man-sik, a native of Haeundae, lost a co-worker to a tsunami on a deep-sea fishing trip four years ago. He has never returned to sea ever since. He now leads a simple life running a small seafood restaurant and is preparing to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Yeon-hee. Man-sik’s brother Hyung-sik works as a coast guard. One day, he rescues a female college student from Seoul who promptly, comes on to him aggressively. While these everyday domestic affairs unfold, geologist Kim Hwi, an expert on tsunami research, discovers the East Sea is showing signs of activity similar to the Indian Ocean at the time of the 2004 tsunami. Despite his warnings, the Disaster Prevention Agency affirms that Korea is in no harm of being hit. When he discovers a mega-tsunami is headed straight for the Korean peninsula, he quickly heads down to Haeundae. There he meets up with his ex-wife, who is organizing a cultural event, for the first time in seven years. He also sees his young daughter who is unaware that he is her father. Eventually, Kim gets a call about a deadly oncoming wave, with only ten minutes to spare! While the vacationers and citizens of Busan are enjoying a peaceful, hot summer day, a mega-tsunami is headed straight for Haeundae at 500 miles per hour.


Directed by Sin Dong-il
Screenplay by Lee Chang-won

Cast : Mahbub Alam Pollob As Karim, young Bengladesh immigrant worker

Baek Jin-hee Highschool girl, Min-seo
Lee Il-hwa As Eun-joo
Park Hyeok-kwon As Gi-hong

Opening Date : Jun 25, 2009


Min-suh, a 17-year old rebellious high school Korean girl, lives in a small apartment with her mother and her mother’s penniless lover. She hates mother’s lover and doesn’t understand both of them. Karim, a 29-year old Muslim migrant worker from Bangladesh has to leave Korea in a month. Before departing, he is desperately searching for his ex-boss to get his unpaid salary. One day, as Min-suh’s summer vacation begins, he encounters Min-suh in a bus, and together they set out on an emotional journey.
Bandhobi is Bengali, meaning of ‘Friend’ in English.PRODUCTION

KOFIC Support Program
2008 KOFIC Support Support for Independent Films

International Film Festival
2009 Jeonju International Film Festival, Korean Cinema Competition

Directed & Screenplay by Sohn Young-sung
90min, Drama

Cast : Kim Tae-hoon As Sang-tae
Park Byeong-eun As Byeong-tae
Lee Hee-joon As Seong-ik
Lee Hwa-ryong As Jeong-hoon
Jo Yeong-gyoo As Sang-dong
Yeom Hyeon-hee As Eun-yeong
Opening Date : Jun 18, 2009


Classmates reunite at the funeral of their history teacher, Sang-tae, and talk about his bizarre life. their recollections produce another story, and the cycle of the stories reorganizes the relationship, and lead to the labyrinth of the narration. the director SOHn young-sung, shakes the boundary between the stories, and between life and death, as it is known that he is interested in Jorge Luis Borges. the new approach to the narration is the major topic among young filmmakers in Korea. From the perspective of Korean film history, the “disappearance of narration” first suggested by HOnG Sangsoo has been studied more deeply since. In this film "the Pit and the Pendulum", SOHn’s unique sense of humor and wittiness is presented without any constraints of time or place through his clever words. the existence of a ghost at the funeral is also one of
the charms of this film.

International Film Festival
2008 Pusan International Film Festival, Korean Cinema today-Vision

Extended Cast

Lee Jae-hoon-II as Young Sang-tae
Min Se-yeon as Young Eun-yeong
Jeong In-gi as Taxi driver
Yoon Dong-hwan as Expert
Sin Yoon-joo as Geum Jeong-gool
Do Yoo-ram as Min-jeong
Maeng Bong-hak as Native
Na Hong-jin as Mountain hiker
Bae Sang-don as Professor Kim
Jeon Seon-yeong as Teacher 1
Jeong Seung-goo as Teacher 2
Lee Jin-woo as Teacher 3
Sin Yeon-sik as Teacher 4
Nam Goong-seon as Kang-nam woman
Park Geun-beom as Chinese restaurant delivery man
Kang Min-seok as Cafe ghost
Lee Jong-pil as Corporal officer Lee
Han Seung-goo as Squad leader
Jang Ja-mok as Squad member 1
Kim Kkot-bi as Lady at fruit farm
Heo Boo-yeong as Woman who gets robbed
Lee Kyeong-seok as Detective 1
Kim Geon as Detective 2
Lee Yong-chool as Detective 3

A Blood Pledge

Directed by Lee Jong-yong (이종용)

Horror / Fear

Alternative title : "Whispering Corridors 5 - Suicide Pact"

Cast : Son Eun-seo As Soy
Jang Kyeong-ah As Eon-joo
Song Min-jeong As Eun-yeong
Oh Yeon-seo As Yoo-jin
Yoo Shin-ae As Jeong-eon
Opening Date : Jun 18, 2009


Strange rumors start to spread at the catholic girls’ high school after Unjoo committed suicide one night. Unjoo’s younger sister Jung-un who attends the same school gets suspicious about Unjoo’s death. After persistent investigation, Jung-un finds out that on the night of the incident, Soy, Eugene, Eun-young, Unjoo, the four of them had tried to commit a joint suicide after making a vow on blood. But the three are still alive, and only Unjoo had died. the desire, jealousy, and lies behind the pledge of death between the four girls are revealed, along with the hidden truth behind Unjoo’s suicide.


Action, Adventure, Fear, Thriller
121 min / 35mm / Panoramic (1.85)
Opening Date : Jul 15, 2009


Uhm Tae-woong As Patrolman Kim
Jeong Yu-mi As Byeon Soo-ryeon, animal life researcher
Jang Hang-seon As Cheon Il-man, hunter
Yoon Je-moon As Baek Man-bae, hunter
Park Hyeok-kwon As Detective Shin
Heo Yeon-hwa
Jeong Yoon-min


One day in a small and peaceful village Sameri, boasting no criminal cases for 10 years, a terrible accident happens. Some parts of dead body ripped off cruelly are discovered by ecologists who stayed in the mountain for studying wild animals. A policeman KIM Kang-su just transfers to Sameri from Seoul and takes this case. The victim turns out a grand-daughter of CHUN Il-man, who was once a legendary hunter. He is convinced that it happened not by human but man-eating boar, Chaw. People of Sameri with full of fear invites one of the most famous hunters BAEK to catch the Chaw. Hunter BAEK grabs it and looks like proving himself a best hunter. But the one which makes people scared is still in the mountain. The five of people that a greedy hunter BAEK, a former hunter CHUN reloading his hunting gun for grand daughter, a detective SIM in charge of this case, an ecologist Soo-ryun who takes any risks for studying mutant species animals and KIM Kang-soo whose mother has been missing head to the deep dark mountains.

Five Senses of Eros

"His Concern" is directec by Byeon Hyeok
"I`m Right Here" is directec by Heo Jin-ho
"33rd Man" is directec by Yu Young-sik
"La Fin et le debut" (The End and the Beginning) is directec by Min Gyoo-dong

"Have Faith in the Moment" is directec by Oh Ki-hwan
Opening Date : Jul 09, 2009


Jang Hyuk As Segment His Concern - Jeong Min-soo
Cha Hyeon-jeong As Segment His Concern - Han Ji-won
Kim Kang-woo As Segment I'm Right Here - Kang Hyeon-woo
Cha Soo-yeon As Segment I'm Right Here - Ahn Hye-rim
Bae Jong-ok As Segment I'm 33rd Man - Park Hwa-ran
Kim Soo-ro As Segment I'm 33rd Man - Bong Chan-woon
Kim Min-sun As Segment I'm 33rd Man - Kim Mi-jin
Uhm Jung-hwa As Segment La Fin et le debut (The End and the Beginning) - Lee Jeong-ha
Hwang Jeong-min As Segment La Fin et le debut (The End and the Beginning) - Min Jae-in
Kim Hyo-jin As Segment La Fin et le debut (The End and the Beginning) - Kang Na-roo
Lee Si-yeong As Segment Have Faith in the Moment - Jeong Se-eun
Kim Dong-uk As Segment Have Faith in the Moment - Han Ji-woon
Sin Se-kyeong As Segment Have Faith in the Moment - Shin Soo-jeong
Jeong Ee-cheol As Segment Have Faith in the Moment - Seo Sang-min
Lee Seong-min As Segment Have Faith in the Moment - Lee Yoon-jeong
Song Joong-ki As Segment Have Faith in the Moment - Yoo Jae-hyeok


An 18 year-old girl In-hwa lives on her own in Pusan. nobody except her closest friend Sang-mi knows about her pregnancy and she persuades In-hwa to send the baby for adoption. In-hwa reluctantly signs and leaves her baby behind. As time goes by her yearning for the baby gets bigger and she visits the adoption center to ask if she can have the baby back. the staff coldly refuses her request saying the baby can be better off with new parents. All she got is the address of the baby’s new family in France and she takes a trip abroad

Running Turtle

Directed by Lee Yeon-woo
Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama

Cast : Kim Yoon-seok As Jo Pil-seong, countryside police
Jeong Kyeong-ho As Song Gi-tae, prison jailbreaker
Seon Woo-seon As Kyeong-joo, tea room employee
Opening Date : Jun 11, 2009


Phil-sung is a lazy countryside detective. He is suspended from office due to his mistakes during
examination process. Ki-tae is a legendary prison breaker and continues his merciless killing
rampage. Phil-sung accidentally runs into Ki-tae but he is much too slow to catch the killer. He’s
fired due to this error and now he makes it his personal mission to bring in Ki-tae at all costs.

Extended Cast

Kyeon Mi-ri As Wife
Sin Jeong-geun
Kim Hye-ji As Joo-rang
Ahn Seo-hyeon
Park Seon-joon
Kim Yeong-joon-I

Lifting King Kong

Directed by Park Geon-yong

Screenplay by Bae Se-yeong, Park Geon-yong
120 min, 35mm, Cinemascope (2.35)

Cast : Lee Beom-soo As Olympic bronze medalist, coach Lee Ji-bong, nicknamed King Kong
Jo An As Park Yeong-ja
Lee Yoon-hoi As Song Min-hee
Choi Moon-kyeong As Seo Yeo-soon
Jeon Bo-mi As Bbang-sun-ee, Lee Hyeon-jeong
Kim Min-yeong As Lee Bo-yeong
Opening Date : Jul 01, 2009


Retired weightlifter Lee Ji-bong (Lee Beom-soo) reluctantly accepts a coaching position at a provincial girls' middle school. Ji-bong eventually accepts the group of enthusiastic yet clueless teenage girls to pass on the painful skills of the unpopular sport. Inspired by a true story, the film shows how the ill-equipped team members champion the national sports festival and also transform one another's lives. All ages admitted.

Extended Cast

Lee Seul-bi as Lee Soo-ok
Park Joon-geum as Principal
Woo Hyeon as Vice principal
Kim San as Shim Sang-hwan
Lee Mi-so as Seo Yeong-ran
Park Chan-hee as Shooting coach

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